Membership Benefits

Ha’Penny Beach Club offers a haven for those seeking an escape from the ordinary. With a limited number of memberships and thoughtfully curated place settings, our club cultivates an intimate ambiance. Our private dining room radiates elegance, welcoming guests into a space of unmatched refinement and tranquility.

Form lifelong friendships and enjoy dining, activities, special events, and beach amenities as a member of Ha’Penny Bay Beach Club.

Ha’Penny is a private Club. For questions regarding membership email [email protected]

To inquire about membership, mail [email protected]

Culinary Excellence

At the heart of Ha’Penny lies a dedication to culinary mastery. Renowned Chef Ralph Motta leads our kitchen, crafting dishes that tantalize taste buds and spark the imagination. With a focus on seasonal ingredients and personalized service, each dish tells a compelling story, guiding diners on a journey of culinary discovery. Whether indulging in a multi-course tasting menu or attending a themed culinary event, members enjoy gastronomic experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Beyond the Plate: Activities

Ha’Penny goes beyond traditional dining experiences—our club offers a wealth of activities; from game days and book club to sunset views from our patio, each event is designed to entertain. Whether strolling along the beach or participating in interactive cooking demonstrations, Golf, Tennis or Pickleball Tournaments, our members revel in moments that stimulate their senses and inspire joy. Join us for a day of fun.

Wine Club

Unlock the taste of luxury with Ha’Penny Beach Club’s Wine Club. Elevate your evenings with carefully curated selections of fine wines from around the globe, personally chosen by our expert team. As a club member, indulge in VIP access to our wine tastings, educational events, and member-only discounts on bottles that will delight your palate. Savor the essence of sophistication with every sip.

Host a Special Event

Nestled along the pristine shoreline, our beachfront oasis is an outstanding venue for your holiday party, community gathering, and intimate private event. From breathtaking sunsets to the soothing rhythm of the sea, Ha’Penny Beach Club sets the stage for unforgettable experiences. Host your next event against the backdrop of gentle waves and golden sands.

Private Beach Retreat

With access to our 1.5-mile pristine beach, every day becomes a tranquil retreat. Enjoy delicious lunches and BBQs under the sun, relax knowing your belongings are secure with our convenient storage facilities, and refresh yourself in our restroom and shower amenities. Become a member today and elevate your beach days to new heights of luxury and convenience.